Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tail of the Dragon - Deals Gap in North Carolina

This is the photo sight from the tail of the Dragon. Mike Taylor and I went through there once, twice, three times and oh yeah a forth time before we could pull ourselves away. It was a fun road and watching the others in the area was fun as well.

This site posts pictures weekly of interest and daily of folks that ride the dragon. If you go you can purchase them - what a great business model - set in a lawn chair and take pictures of motorcycles all day!

Some one else prefers this picture - if you look close you can see a few sparks flying which got him all excited ;')


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How did you get that so cheap?

Folks that kn ow me are familiar with me getting good deals for myself and for them from time to time. Often I'm asked where and how I find the deals - it isn't too hard and you can do the same.

There are a number of web pages that I use and some I subscribe to. For example I bought a Dell laptop that was a $800 laptop from a link on one of these sites - it told you that if you changed the battery desired to a smaller capacity the price dropped down and then they gave you a coupon code that stacked on top of that price drop for a grand total with free shipping of $379. If you see me with a laptop that is the one.

Here are the links you can use them as well. In some cases you can subscribe and they will send you an email or text message when a hot deal comes through. The really good deals only last a few hours and you have to be careful some deals aren't really deals at all when you double check:

This last one is an on line classified - everything I have listed there has sold - everything I have bought has been a good deal - not saying everything on here is a good deal so buy with caution.

Want to buy a cell phone without a contract: