Sunday, August 17, 2008

David & Judi 21st Anniversary Segway Tour Galveston

Last year I tried to feed Judi to the sharks in the Bahamas but this year we had already been to Cozumel so I planned something local on a Segway. We had a blast and I would recommend it to anyone that has never ridden one before. I think anyone that can stand up and walk well can ride one of these - I think it would be almost impossible to fall off.

Asa was our guide and did a great job. Galveston Segway was who guided us. Tours 409-762-2255 and it cost from 30 to 60 bucks per person. We took a 2 hour ride in between the rain showers - not a drop fell on us. I would have gotten better pictures but I was afraid to take the camera because rain was threatening.

Enjoy and if you want to go for a ride sometime Judi and I are ready to go as well.

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